Your real life Romy & Michelle

Your real life Romy & Michelle

It's been a minute since the Liberty Sisters made their mark in the online world! 

We appreciate everyone's support like you wouldn't believe...literally OKKUUR

It's been kind of a crazy journey that got us here! Full of ups and downs, good days and the bad.

For months we spoke about our dream as we did whatever it took to just get this shit on the road whether we were 100% ready or not! And for months we held it together, but it wasn’t always pretty! Some days behind the bad ass attitude and the determined faces stood two girls who at times,felt like the universe was against them and believe us when we say we were f*****g put to the test! Someone up there wanted us to prove we had what it takes to overcome fear and doubt!

Let's be honest, it wasn't easy to throw yourself into a dream or passion when you had nothing behind you except, hunger, passion and the need to do more and be more! We have literally built this dream from spare change in our back pockets, so we mean it when we say Libertysistersboutique is our baby and that every single bit of support we feel that shit deep.

But after all the drama and madness, we here baby, we here!

You know those days where from the minute you wake your ass up, every.little.thing. goes wrong. From the way, your hair decided to part (and that stubborn ass piece of hair that's just out there like a lone wolf), to being told no by people that we needed help from so freaking bad...and then our backup plan fell through, and then the back up to that backup also fell was these days that were the toughest, like what more could we do to get this dream plan into action when shit just is not going our way?  The days where you wanna scream to no one, WHY US!! PLEASE SWEET BABY JESUS, SEND SOMETHING GOOD OUR WAY!!


Just as we really kicked things into gear Christie injured herself playing soccer (she's a bad bish) and had to have a full knee reconstruction which meant months off work & off her feet altogether..yeah just what you need when you're launching a business....🙄

She was a damn superstar and hobbled around as we pretended like we knew what we were doing when we took it 'behind the scenes' and shot our first images for our collections.

Let me just say we have learned so much from every shoot, and let me tell you it's not pretty when you have no idea what your doing 🤷‍♀️ from the poor lighting, the days flying by in a second, models getting changed in cars on the side of the road to the ducktape on the wall for our makeshift backdrop....As the old saying goes...fake it til' you make it!


Oh and then there was the time Shenay's car got stolen to spice things up amongst all the action that was going down!!

But your girls were in this for the long haul, there was nuttin' that was going to stop us. Fall down 9, we get back up 10!

 Let's take it back

We laugh a lot as we look back at how much we have changed over the years when it comes to our fashion style & our personal life. We were literally dumb & dumber the real life Romy & Michelle cruising our way through life making a whole lot of mistakes & a whole lot of good memories in terrible outfits!


Seriously, you'd probably look the other way if you saw us walking down the street looking like a whole damn mess back in the day!

We actually always said to each other, you just wait until we go back for our 20-year reunion, we will be the real-life Romy & Michelle who tell everyone we invented something outrageous like Post-Its LOL. Now the dream is looking not so crazy after all, I mean we have started our own business right?


Growing up was...different for us, we weren't really the regular-schmegular kids, we sure as shit weren't the 'cool kids' and not gonna lie, we weren't smart enough to be nerds, but I guess if you call wagging school a sport, then we'd take out the award!


We were the whole package that sometimes resembled a walking train wreck with terrible hair, terrible outfits paired with literally ZERO self-confidence BUT we were still US & we are still US (slightly improved) but sometimes you just can't take the crazy outta the girl!

It really doesn't matter where you came from or how old you are, you can ALWAYS start something new. IF you have the passion and the drive you will succeed. If it doesn't work out the first time, get up and try again girl. 


We started this business to wake up every day excited to see what’s ahead of us & to prove life didn't have to be mediocre, you don't have to settle and importantly, help women feel like queens by expressing themselves through fashion while promoting & inspiring that 'GO GET EM' bad as f**k attitude!
We hope you join our story and ride with us cause at the end of the day, we're all just tryna live our best life!

The Liberty Sisters


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